Sensitivity Training and Executive Coaching

Professional development should be the very foundation of every hospital, clinic, and health/mental health professionals. The Reproductive Psych Center recognizes the need to support professional development by training perinatal nurses, doctors, administrative personnel, and professionals and focusing in effective communication, stress reduction, self-care, and sensitivity care for the parents who are dealing with perinatal or postnatal issues or death. 

In order for patients and clients to receive the best possible care, these professionals must possess and communicate their medical and/or technical excellence, and also demonstrate emotional intelligence, effective interpersonal communication skills, and sensitivity when dealing with perinatal and postnatal issues.

The Reproductive Psych Center has developed sensitivity programs that helps improve not only doctor-patient interaction, but also sensitivity among colleagues and personnel. 

The Executive Coaching services offered by the Reproductive Psych Center meet individual demands with a flexible approach that enables professional development through ongoing individualized professional collaboration and guidance. 

Consultation Types

Hospital Sensitivity Training


3-4 hours sensitivity training for hospital workers: doctors, nurses, front desk and administrative personnel.

Clinic Sensitivity Training


Option 1 - Two-hours sensitivity training for fertility clinics, ob/gyn clinics, perinatal clinics, and others. 

Option 2 - Lunch & Learn - Two weeks/One hour/week sensitivity training in your clinic. 

Doula | Midwife | Birth Coach


One-hour sensitivity training for private professionals. 

University Sensitivity Training


3-4 hours sensitivity training for university personnel: nurses, front desk, mental health, and administrative personnel.

Community and Private Organ.


3-4 hours sensitivity training for community and private organizations that cares for pregnant women and theirs issues.



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